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Pain Gone

A safe way to control pain without the use of needles. Shaped like a pen it can be neatly carried in a bag or pocket and discreetly used anywhere. Treatments only take 30 seconds.

It is fast,effective and simple to use. There are no leads, pads or batteries. It works over clothing. It is used for chronic and acute pain.
Pain Gone
34.95 +VAT
Key Benefits
  • Acupuncture without needles
  • No battery needed
  • Works over clothing
  • Easy to use
What's included
  • Pain Gone
  • Instructions

Technical specification
    • PAINGONE is designed as a sealed, tamper-proof plastic unit, in which specially developed piezo crystals are placed.
    • When the red button is pressed, the built-in generator produces a high-voltage pulse for a brief period - this activates PAINGONE.
    • The voltage of approximately 15,000 volts (0.000006 amps) initiates the pain relief process and endorphins are sent to the spot on which PAINGONE is placed.
    • The construction of PAINGONE ensures a perfect insulation against the high voltage, which is reduced to a small 1-2Hz emitted from the tip of the pen.
    • It can "click" as many as 100,000 times
    • It does not require batteries, pads, wires or leads
Pain Gone - 34.95
UK Standard Post: 2-5 work days - 4.95
UK Next Day: 1 work day - 6.95*
Europe: 3-5 work days - 8.00
International: 3-5 work days - 12.95
*Please order before 2pm

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